Aqiqah Sumedang


Understanding of Aqiqah - Having a baby is very pleasant for parents. And one of the goals of having a family is to have a soothing heart. However, in every child born in the family has an obligation that must be fulfilled by every Muslim parent who must be fulfilled. Aqiqah Sumedang

Every parent who has a child in their family has an obligation to do aqiqah towards their children. In Islam it has been explained clearly and completely both in Al-qur'an, Hadith, and the explanation of the scholars.

For you are a new family who do not know about aqiqah and explanation in it. The following is an explanation related to the meaning of aqiqah, aqqiqah according to Islam, the meaning of aqiqah according to language and terms. aqiqah terms, aqiqah law, aqiqah law in Islam, aqiqah / akikah proposition.

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Understanding of aqiqah is one form of worship to Allah for the birth of a child both male and female. Where, aqiqah or Al aqiqah itself is an animal that is sacrificed only to Allah by slaughtering the animal. By doing aqiqah is one form of self-approach and gratitude to God's pleasure.

Aqiqah is also a hair removal that grows in the baby's head where, slaughtered animals coincide on the day the baby's hair is cut.

Aqiqah After Adult

Aqiqah's obligation is the responsibility that is borne by the child's parents, but if his parents have not been able to cleanse aqiqah for him until he grows up, he can slaughter aqiqah animals for himself,

Aqiqah Boys

In Aqiqah a boy is killed or circumcised with two goats, if he is not able, then it can be enough with only one goat and it is considered valid

Aqiqah Girls

As for girls, the aqiqah is only with one goat or sheep that has fulfilled the requirements as an aqiqah animal