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Donald Trump has experienced harsh criticism for dropping a visit to a burial ground in France because of rain.

The US president was because of visit Belleau to pay regards to American fighters executed amid the First World War.

In any case, the White House dropped the excursion as a result of terrible climate which grounded the presidential helicopter that was because of fly him to the burial ground around a two-hour drive east of Paris. bus wisata makassar

The president sent an appointment that included head of staff John Kelly.

David Frum, when a speech specialist for President George W Bush, tweeted that he thought it was "fantastic" that a president would not pay regards to the US servicemen who kicked the bucket in France amid the First World War.

Mr Trump is because of visit an alternate burial ground on Sunday.

It's mind blowing that a president would head out to France for this critical commemoration - and afterward stay in his inn room sitting in front of the TV as opposed to pay face to face his regards to the Americans who gave their lives in France for the triumph increased 100 years prior tomorrow

- David Frum (@davidfrum) November 10, 2018

The front line of Belleau Wood is the place US troops ceased a German push for Paris soon after entering the war in 1917. bus wisata makassar

The battling demonstrated America's strength to partners and adversaries alike, and when the war finished US powers were something like an equivalent to any of the other real armed forces, which were depleted and exhausted.

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